About Us

About Us

About Us

About Alabama Courier Service Inc

Alabama Courier Service Inc was established in 2018 to take over the Metropolitan Couriers LLC business and operations. We provide a small package delivery service for all of Alabama, and you can see the different types of services we have to offer. As our fleet of drivers continue to grow, so will the areas and locations we service.

Our company focuses on customer service. We have many years working on Continuous Improvement projects and are able to help our clients improve their operations and efficiency through reliable and on time deliveries.

Interested in being an Independent Contract Driver?

As we expand through out the Alabama area, we will be looking to add good, reliable drivers to our service. Some of the information required will be:

  • Drivers must have a valid drivers license and auto insurance
  • Copy of W-9 filled out (you will be contract labor)
  • Checking account required for direct deposit
  • Required to have a smart phone, either Android or Iphone – you will receive assignments via an app and complete assignments via the app
  • Individual must be reliable and on time – Majority of current business are STAT runs in the medical industry and they need the courier to be on time and dependable to get item to location
  • A reliable vehicle is required
  • Must pass background check (contractor pays for this – $19.95)

If interested, send us an email via our contact us page and we will get pack to you.

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