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We have an ever expanding mobile notary service able to be scheduled and dispatched to assist you in getting your documents notarized. We operate per the Alabama State Code Act 2011-295, which lays out the duties, responsibilities, and fees for notaries. Per the code, the fees we collect for this serviceĀ  are for:

Notaries public may do all of the following:

(1) Administer oaths in all matters incident to the exercise of their office.

(2) Take the acknowledgment or proof of instruments of writing relating to commerce or navigation and certify the same and all other of their official acts under their seal of office.

(3) Demand acceptance and payment of bills of exchange, promissory notes, and all other writings which are governed by the commercial law as to days of grace, demand, and notice of nonpayment and protest the same for nonacceptance or nonpayment and to give notice thereof as required by law.

(4) Exercise such other powers, according to commercial usage or the laws of this state, as may belong
notaries public.

Notary Fee

The notary service fee is $5 per notary. This means each individual signature is a $5 charge. If there are many signatures needing to be notarized, then contact us and we can see if we can workout a price.

We also charge a Trip Fee for the “mobile” portion of the mobile notary service. This will depend on the location our notary must travel to. We are expanding our notaries as to keep the cost down and minimize travel time.

Notary Requirements

We will need to know 2 things.

  1. Does the individual signing the document understand the information contained in the documents?
  2. Can we, as Notaries, properly identify the individual appearing for notarization?

If we can not verify both of those to be true, then we will need to refuse the notarization. And, since we made the trip, you will be charged the full rate for the trip.

Before you schedule the notary, ensure:

  1. Unexpired ID’s are available:
    1. Passport (federal)
    2. Drivers License (state)
  2. The individuals signing documents are of sound mind and know what they are signing.

As a notary, we are not allowed to offer any legal advice nor explain any of the information on the documents. We are only there to witness the signatures.

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