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All Couriers Need An Emergency Bloodborne Spill Kit

If you are just getting started in the courier business, you may have asked yourself “Do couriers need an emergency bloodborne spill kit?” This is a very important question and shows you are thinking ahead. Since you never know what type of courier run you will be expected to do, I would suggest having a portable, emergency bloodborne spill kit with you at all times.

Every so often, you will be called upon as a courier to pick up and deliver a “specimen” of some type. Normally, this is a blood sample or even a urine sample. It could be part of a regular route you run each day, but it could also be one of the STAT type runs that just pop up. In any case, you will need a spill kit should anything ever happen.

So, what could happen? Basically, you spill it somehow. It could be that it fall from your transportation specimen carrier somehow. Or, it somehow spills inside the carrier. If this happens at the location of the pickup or drop off, you need to alert someone and they can assist. But, if you are in the middle of the run, then you will need to handle this yourself. This is why you need the spill kit.

Each kit has instructions in it, and you should familiarize yourself with everything in the kit before the pressure is on in a real life situation. The kits are not expensive, nor are the totes to carry the specimen in. Just grab a set, and keep it in the trunk of your car just in case.

So, yes, all couriers need an emergency bloodborne spill kit. It just makes perfect sense from a safety standpoint.

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