Wed. May 5th, 2021

As we have spoken with more and more business owners, we have realized their need for a long distance rush courier service. Many local businesses have multiple geographic locations, which means an ever increasing customer base. Not to mention, the online world connects all of us, businesses and customers, with the click of a button. With that, also comes the service calls and customer service for your products. This is where Alabama Courier Service can help with our long distance rush courier service.

Our company can pick up and deliver just about anything, as long as it fits in an SUV at the most. The following are just a few examples of jobs we have completed just recently:

  1. Delivery of computer parts to businesses and individuals across the South East USA. This would include deliveries to Huntsville, Pensacola, New Orleans, Montgomery, Atlanta, and all across the metro area of Birmingham.
  2. Delivery of legal documents – Birmingham to Montgomery, Birmingham to Columbiana
  3. Picked up a suit jacket at the Galleria in Birmingham, and delivered to Samford University just in time for a dinner banquet
  4. Helped out of state individual move bankers boxes from one hotel to another hotel. They changed hotels at last minute and needed the materials delivered to new location before they arrived.

As you can see, we deliver almost anything. Just give us a call at 256-401-9024 and see if our service is right for you. On demand deliveries are what we specialize in, and our long distance rush courier service helps local businesses maintain that customer service relationship people remember for a lifetime.

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